Our current exhibition, Photorealism: The Everyday Illuminated will be on display for three more weeks.

Today we present to you David Parrish and his painting Ferris Wheel. With plentiful color, brilliant motion, and unique composition, Ferris Wheel stands out as one of Parrish's important masterpieces.

Photorealism: The Everyday Illuminated - an exhibition at Jonathan Novak Contemporary Art gallery

"Four decades as an 'official' Photorealist--the early decades spent chasing, photographing, and painting motorcycles...Then later, the porcelain Elvises, Marilyns, Deans, the masks, the myriad kitschy gewgaws, toys, and thrill rides that were such fun to paint--the time has passed so quickly. 

Now a fifth decade, I hope, and thanks to a generous friend who encouraged me to enter the new age, I have a PC, a printer, and a couple of point-and-shoot digital cameras--a whole new way to view the world! Small, lightweight, very portable--I carry a digital camera everywhere I go. 

Today I am working on another motorcycle painting agian, at the same old stand, in the same old way, translating a photo image onto canvas with oil paint and sable brushes, but I've got a whole new toolbox full of goodies to help me accomplish the task a little bit more easily, and it's beginning to feel like the good old days all over again." 

- David Parrish

From the book Photorealism in the Digital Age © 2013Citation: Bernarducci, Frank, Harris, Elizabeth K., and Meisel, Louis K. Photorealism in the Digital Age. New York: Harry N. Abrams, Inc., Publishers, 2013.