David Hockney (born 1937) is one of the most influential British artists of the 20th century. A painter, printmaker, photographer, and stage designer, Hockney has had a growing impact since his emergence from the British Pop Art movement in the 1960s. His work tests the boundaries of Modernism by shifting between abstraction and realism--often within a single piece.

Hockney's mastery of color and supremely balanced compositions respond to the light and landscape of Southern California, where he has lived and worked extensively since the 1960s. Hockney's body of work suggests extensive travel and a sustained concern for his native Northern England. His complex oeuvre demonstrates his command of a wide range of media and styles, not for their own sake but always to further his pictorial dexterity. 

Hockney has had an amazingly prolific and successful career as an artist, and he continues to create and exhibit at major international venues. He recently began to incorporate digital artwork into his ever-expanding repertoire of media and styles.

One of his wonderful artworks will be on display through this Friday, April 18, as part of the exhibition Color. Untitled (Backyard Echo Park III) from 1983 so perfectly illustrates the use of color and free form that Hockney has expertly utilized throughout his career.

For more information about the artist or this painting, please see the David Hockney artist page.

David Hockney / "Untitled (Backyard Echo Park III)" / 1984 / Painting: gouache on paper