APRIL 25 – JUNE 14, 2013

Jonathan Novak Contemporary Art is pleased to present an extraordinary series of new paintings by Jim Dine. Focusing on his iconic heart imagery, Dine has created a new vision of this well-regarded subject through an innovative exploration of materials and technique.

This group of diptych hearts embodies Dine's recent melding of Pop with abstraction, adding a complex and assertive dimensional surface. A luscious mixture of acrylic paint, charcoal and sand on canvas and wood yields a sensual texture beaming with rich and provocative bursts of color.

In several of the works, Dine incorporates his historic passion and precedent for paying homage to found objects by painting his hearts over pre-existing paintings.  In these, the artist has successfully created a sense of nostalgia; in other works, the hearts appear to be purely contemporary. All provide an uplifting mood of sheer energy.  

These important new paintings will be on display through October 19.